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Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

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Last week I reviewed Microsoft’s free speech recognition software which was poor. Will the most famous paid for speech recognition software fare any better?

In the above video you can see the below transcript as I dictated it. View the above video in full 1080p for the best view.
Maximise the do like the wire recognise words, but as a maximise to service maximise that pair to make default a lot bigger. Speaking reader to easier. Now I’ve set this to be the most accurate Earth face. It doesn’t like it when I say, are you just did her instead of her yeah okay were actually at least it punctuates my stuff, may I don’t have too safe. All the time, I just speak naturally, and it will somehow find out what they said they learned phrases in all sorts of things like that. So the first thing to know is which version you would want to purchase that while it’s got a list on the side here, where are the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 in her options. Where there is a preferred version and the standard version, they preferred versions come at twice the price man and the preferred version are DG, everything that the standard version has earned the standard version allows you to create documents, e-mail and instant messages, simply by speaking that’s true, I even use Google chat earlier with the friends and now had no problem at all. You can surf the web or voice, I haven’t tried that because any compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer I use Google grow no enrolment required to get started. Instantly, that’s kind of true it activated online by itself, but I still registered Roger project anyway, I am new on-screen help editorials be an expert users right away them down. And yours truly is not good as Microsoft’s tutorials dictate directly into virtually any Microsoft Windows application. I haven’t tried that yet, there were trying Dragon naturally speaking tend to drag and had their control menus and dialogue boxes by voice and virtually any Microsoft Windows application, her I haven’t tried that either natural commands the Microsoft Outlook express. Dragon voice shortcuts from web and desktop search sorry the last two are actually prepared soap natural commands the Microsoft Outlook and Outlook express is the preferred not to standard Dragon voice shortcuts the web and desktop search is the preferred to everything from here on his own in the preferred her package automatically transcribe recordings from new. Once approved handheld recorders all Pocket PCs wireless Microsoft wireless microphone support including Bluetooth includes new and real speaks of turning text into human sounding synthesised speech of God final draft at a local kennel so do that on their Microsoft’s own product to bear on Bicester. Playback your dictation through easy correction and proofing in search of signature logo or boilerplate text into file with a simple voice command I got no idea what boilerplate is import export your user files to use on any PC would Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now, one thing I’ve noticed on here is that when I is beat the specialness Dragon pad thing it comes up with what I say in this yellow area here and then it kind of finds out what I’m kind of say and then it phrases it correctly into one whole sentence and that way you can put in the Commons and full stops by itself is far bad it all seems kind of makes sense and Der film I can say I certainly said a lot so far. I certainly would have been up to type this as quickly as this. I would say that it has got everything correct, her life only run this once before and are very used that tiny little bit. So is the first time that I’m really properly using it and the way I’m talking to you is my most natural way of speaking. I don’t dictate any differently, so perhaps that’s why Windows Vista’s speech recognition program didn’t work so well for me. It even recognises the word Vista and doesn’t call it Mr, which is quite cool. That is very cool, I don’t know if it recognises my last thing the it recognises what I said that’s very cool. Very cool indeed. I liked this program, this is actually very accurate to what I’m saying I am very impressed that it can often a lot less time I trained on the Microsoft Vista’s speech recognition program for over an hour, and it took me an hour to do my first article, which will lose about 100 words long at this one seems to have worked for me already and it’s taken hardly any time while I had to read what five chapters are laws Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl and another to Toro before it lamps. So you and all the tests and everything altogether took about half an hour in my right ear, about half an hour altogether on quite a fast talker anyway and I can read aloud quite quickly down to a quite clearly from all my water Tewkesbury’s presenter, so maybe that helps them this is really quite impressive on the box it says that you how you can speak to this program out hunting 20 words per minute now most people think well that’s a pile of rubbish per how can anything keep up with hundred 20 words per minute that moment I am, properly speaking, 120 words per minute and it says the coping quite well, what I will do after I’ve said all place and finish this video is posted at my blog exactly are at war is here on this document and you’ll be up to see exactly what was written otherwise can watch this video in 1080 p in your BR to say anyway but if you are interested in reading exactly what was taken on as a mistake or what was taken correctly, especially some of these long phrases, you can save yourself how accurate or inaccurate as programmers from my point of view I think this program at the moment looks quite accurate. I would only have to go back and correct quite a few things and teach it had state corrections, but are giving corrections on this program are a lot easier down on Microsoft Vista speech recognition program, but you do have to pay for this sake the top 10 reasons to buy this program has earned sold by new wimps heard most accurate version ever Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 delivers up to 99% accuracy with no spelling errors will ask as they got dictionary help, but they spell incorrectly create documents and e-mail faster, you can speak more than three times faster than you can hardly wear denied by pretty fast but is comfortable that free easier than ever to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 installs quickly and requires no special script reading new on-screen help and Toros will make you an expert in no time works with favourite programs dictate text directly into virtually any Microsoft Windows program. Browse the Internet with ease search Internet access information and navigate webpages or more by voice get the most from Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect natural language commands let you say it your way to perform commands and format text. Corel WordPerfect, who the hell uses that any more works away, he worked at names addresses in other words to your custom speech vocabulary. New quick voice formatting allows you to format and edit your dictate text in record time. Protect your health reduce the risk of developing RSI by talking instead of typing works hands-free and finally number 10. This is the world’s bestselling speech recognition software Dragon NaturallySpeaking products have won more than 175 awards worldwide, but accuracy and ease of use well. There’s kind of bragging fees is also fun and easy to use and you can create documents and e-mail and instant messages and highly by voice turn talking to type say it naturally worked more than three times faster than typing in okay okay enough of the promoting of the product that comes with his microphone to this noise cancelling microphone or which comes with them and throwing bits as well that you have to plug it into both your headphone and microphone socket. You are microphone in & out socket and the microphones got this kind of doom windshield playing so if you breathe on it like it shouldn’t really pick up anything that you say it properly, will the unit on to say. I am saying generally hurl what a cool product, you know I’ll be able to now all make longer blogs are blogs that make more sense blogs that are lengthier Herm and serve more readable, hopefully her because I like to have content in it in each article if you do get this program yourself a preferred all standard version or a third new version comes out dental free to post on my forum
put the link in the description. Both your reading the blog up at the end of the blog and Der Berg just talking to it and dirt idea is got some weird thing is that like the Bird in hand. Dirt idea and dental free is not perfect and I would say some of it is because I’m probably mumbling and probably because I’ve been talking all that each hairless mice settle review after doing the Microsoft Vista speech recognition program review and my voice has probably become the little horse and is probably not the same as it was just say one hour ago and I’m probably mumbling a little bit more than I was only wrong. So I’m going to leave and there I would say if I’d skip this rating at 10 from looking at what it caught up with me in. What I’ve said about the product so far just reading it back. It looks really amazing how much is correct, II wouldn’t have to correct too much looking at that. I would say, I would give it a hair than 8/10. I would if I would give it a hair than 8/10 at EC can’t overemphasise things because it will start to do weird things like that, if you talk an SAE to hone all along it won’t go wrong, but it’s only get really excited your voice passengers changes loads if you have ever ever edited. Music will edited your voice before in say, the video you’ll know what I mean her D voice passengers goes cheeks out the roof and it works on that kind of basis, so I would say this program has done very well so far is still learning it still nears it is a beginner to my voice at the moment and my voice has strayed from speaking quite well like a newscaster to the abyss of Chad and East End not say that all Eastenders a chance, but I just think of myself as a chap sometimes not because I am a child for that have been chimed the past, but just that I have caught on the Chad actual attributes from knowing chads and being around cows in the past. Not any more, though and if you don’t know what channel is well Google it until next time take care.

Now at first glance it doesn’t seem like the software did a great job as there are plenty of errors, but when I do speak more clearly like now, the program has no issues at all. I have since added slang words like chav to the dictionary which helps a great deal in cutting down errors. I also did not use the correction feature which is very accurate and quick to use, especially compared to Microsoft’s efforts. I find myself using the headset all the time now which is very comfortable and now that I’ve spent a few more hours with the Dragon Naturally Speaking, it is now very accurate. One thing I would recommend though is to be in a quiet room and don’t let anyone else try to imitate your voice as it throws the program off and gets added onto your voice file! My wife played with it for a bit and the program found it hard to figure me out straight afterwards when I started using it again. The license is per voice so if you do want multiple users then you need the preferred version.
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