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Planning your hair style for the wedding

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So you’ve decided to get married, the place for the wedding is booked, the place for the party is booked, the date is confirmed, the guests are getting their invitations, the dress has been picked, what else?…… YOUR HAIR!
OK, so you probably were already thinking about your hair even before you went window shopping for a wedding dress at every boutique and dress sale going where there were hoards of tiaras and veils to tempt you into splashing out a few more hundred quid (dollars or other local currency). It’s important that before you opt for that once in a lifetime diamond tiara or the coarse net curtain that droops over your face to find a wedding hair stylist to sort out your hair on your head. My recommendation is to go for a wedding hair specialist who does wedding hair styles day in day out and can travel for your big day.
You may already know a hair stylist or you may have liked someone else’s hair style at their wedding, so take a recommendation and seek a consultation as soon as you can. If you have no success then you can ask your wedding photographer for a recommendation or 5. Photographers are a great resource for weddings and most are more than happy to help. Because we had our wedding in a location far away, I got my recommendation this way. My wife then was on the phone back and forth to the salon to book a trial day the week before the big day to see try out different styles. My wife also collected a brochure’s worth of printouts and magazine cutouts of hair styles she liked. Unless you are going for a radically different hair style to anything that’s ever gone before or you want to have short hair on your big day, then don’t get your hair cut for at least 6 months (preferably a year) before your wedding. The longer your hair the better as you’ll have more options for your big day.
Another reason why I say to book a wedding specialist is because they will usually travel out to wherever you are having your wedding. There is always a fee but it means your hair style will not fall out of shape and you can be less nervous about getting stuck in traffic. There is no cutting on your wedding day as the style will have been decided on your trial day so there is less to think about and less importance on needing a salon. Your stylist will be able to give you a very accurate time for how long they need to style your hair, so work backwards from your wedding ceremony then putting on your dress, then your makeup, then your hair for the stylist’s arrival time.
So to recap, don’t get your hair cut, gather loads of pics of hair styles, find a wedding hair stylist who can come out to you on your big day, meet them, like them, discuss style and accessories, book trial day a week before, book the stylist to come your wedding preparation place and finally confirm a month before for your trial day and wedding date, then on your trial day confirm the wedding date. Some stylists can double up as your make up artist and the steps above are applicable in every way for your make up on your wedding day too. Whatever happens I’m sure you will look great on your big day! It goes by so fast anyway so just let the photographer snap away to give you some glimpses of what actually went on and that fab hair do.
The salon in the video is of Icicles and we both got our hair trialled and styled with Shaloma (Who also came to our hotel room for the wedding) and Randee at
74-5615 Luhia St # C2,
Kailua Kona,
HI 96740
+1 808-329-1383
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