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Product Review: Ergoflex memory foam mattress (Tempur copy)

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In the above video review I get to grips with the ergoflex mattress. ergo flex are an online manufacturer and direct seller of their memory foam mattress. This 2 year old company has been making waves in the industry and have also been featured on programmes like Deal or no Deal. ergoflex pitch themselves as an alternative to Tempur but personally I see them as a direct competitor.
When researching online I kept seeing myths about memory foam mattresses which I would like to dispel:
Memory foam mattresses get too hot when I sleep on it
Whilst this may be true for a minority of people it certainly isn’t the case for most people. If you do find yourself getting too hot on any mattress you can simply put a good quality cotton mattress protector on top. New Tempur mattresses come with an air circulation structure to allow heat dissipation and the ergo flex has a cool-sleep airflow system.
I find it hard to turn in bed
Everybody tosses and turns in bed when they sleep. Whilst memory foam mattresses will encourage you to stay sleeping on your back for a better night’s sleep, it certainly is not going to stop you from doing so. Having gone from pocket spring to memory foam mattress I can definitely say that I would prefer to lay on my front on a memory foam mattress to a pocket spring as it hugs my tummy as well as it does my back.
A density rating of 85kg per metre cubed is too dense
Whoever makes up optimum figures is talking out of their backsides. With Tempur being the market leader of any mattress sold with a memory foam density of 85 to 110kg per m3 it is mind boggling how anybody without research can tout anything lower as being optimum or better. Tempur are a market leader for a reason – there is more to their mattress than hype or marketing, it’s down to their research. In fact without Tempur there would be no memory foam mattress of any sort on the market! Don’t forget that in countries where mattresses can be prescribed for bad backs the doctor will usually always opt to prescribe a Tempur mattress.
Any myth where 85kg per m3 is supposed to gobble you up/make you too hot/is too hard/is too soft is totally unfounded and without any research. Personally I find it extremely comfortable. Higher density basically means that the air bubbles in the foam are smaller and therefore more reactive (not less reactive and slow as many would suggest).
9cm of memory foam is too deep
Anyone touting that there is an optimum depth is either a bed salesman selling something shallower or just scaremongering, after all we’re all different. 9cm certainly won’t make you disappear and is well suitable for those who are 50kg or 100kg. Having slept on one for a while I can honestly say that it gives a very luxurious feel. anything under 5cm in depth may as well not be there at all.
I can’t make love on memory foam
Oh yes you can! I’ll leave this one at that lol…
If I go for memory foam then I should go for one that is on pocket springs and double sided
First off – what is the point of wasting that expensive layer of memory foam on your slats/divan base? It’s absolute nonsense and that’s why there are hardly any manufacturers mad enough to do it. It is purely a gimmick and nothing else. I have personally slept on a few mattresses that had memory foam sat on top pocket springs and there is a massive difference in the quality when it comes down to how much it cost. The cheap ones are seriously nasty! The more expensive ones are comfortable as the foam tends to be denser and better quality/better built.
The recovery rate of 85kg per m3 is too slow
As you can see in the above video this is certainly not the case! If anything because the cells are smaller they are more reactive the more dense the foam.
I should buy from an independent reseller because they can buy in the best quality at lower prices
This is not true as it is not true in other industries. Take the PC industry for instance – the market leader are Dell and as a manufacturer they also sell direct to consumers. Independent resellers of PCs do not have the buying power of chains like PC World and are often around for only a short time as their stock can’t shift and their debts pile up. Dell has recently begun selling their PCs via chains but the credit worthiness of independents and a risk to their brand name being cheapened means they are far less likely to go with them. As we have seen in the last year chains can also go bust.
So I said the same goes for the mattress/bed industry and it does. Companies like Tempur and Ergoflex do not want their brands to be cheapened by independent ebay resellers where accusations of fake memory foam mattresses are rife. With companies going bust, often with very little notice, it is much safer to put your money on a product that you will receive in a matter of days/straight away than something you have to gamble on for 6 weeks plus. Because of the construction of memory foam mattresses on reflex foam they often come vacuum packed and rolled up which means that it is less risky for bed stores to keep in stock and are usually available to take home or delivered pretty quickly. Any pocket sprung or open coil constructed mattress will not usually be kept in stock and the reseller will basically act as a middleman for the manufacturer who may make your mattress on demand to save money. There are exceptions to this like mattress next day but my previous experience with them was less than satisfactory and the salesman was not at all knowledgeable. Oh and my mattress did not arrive next day! As I have reviewed the ergoflex mattress I am happy to say that the delivery was also great with the mattress being delivered when they said it would and a tracking number for my peace of mind.
I’ve seen reviews saying that memory foam mattresses are rubbish
There is loads of competition in the bed industry and you find that many independent resellers and chains will post on forums and review sites claiming to own and hate their memory foam mattress. Look out for experts too who appear to help people decide what to buy as they often have an ulterior motive to shift their own stock. Some will say that memory foam is all hype and some will say that memory foam is only suitable on a pocket spring mattress and must be double sided. Some will say that a certain shallow depth and low kg per m3 density is optimum for a mattress but do a little research and it’s usually because they don’t stock it themselves. They’ll come up with all sorts of half reasonable explanations like ‘I only stock mattresses that I believe in’, but read between the lines and you’ll find that it’s all hot air. Remember that if a people tend to only post problems in reviews rather than positives, so when you do see lots of positive reviews like on reviewcentre, you have a pretty good idea that it’ll be good.
I’m safe if I buy it on ebay
This is normally true. As you always have the option of paying on ebay via paypal you have can get your money back quite easily if nothing turns up or if the product is dodgy and the seller is refusing to take it back. On better sellers there will actually be a checkbox allowing you to pay a premium for a full money back guarantee via paypal if you’re not happy within 45 days. Watch out for seller feedback too which is different to total feedback which can be disguised by the seller buying lots of products on ebay (artificially boosting their score). Look out for comments that suggest problems with the supply chain too as their manufacturer may have gone bust recently or even worse – the ebay shop has gone bust and hasn’t closed down their store.
Remember that an ebay store is relatively easy to set up and can be closed and set up as a different company relatively quickly.

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