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Quality Clothing and Accessories You Should Commit to Right Now

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Always Look Great Whatever Your Budget!

I always want to look my best, but I don’t always wish to shop for clothes and accessories. I’ve found that investing in some quality pieces is one of the best solutions for this. If you love fashion but aren’t so keen on shopping, carefully choosing what you buy could save you a lot of time. If you invest in the right pieces, they’ll last you years before you need to buy anything new. There are lots of things you can wear over and over again for years, from suits to bags and shoes. If you want to sink your money into the right clothes and make sure they’ll last you a long time, here are my top recommendations.

Always Spend More on Shoes

The more you spend on shoes, the longer they will survive and the less often you have to shop for them. Shoes are the one thing that it’s almost always better to buy in person. You can order them online, but going to a store will get you a better fit. When you buy cheap shoes for only a few dollars, don’t expect them to last more than a couple of months. But when you purchase quality shoes, they could last you a lifetime.

Jackets and Coats

You always need something to keep you warm in cooler weather. And coats and jackets aren’t something you want to buy every year. Ideally, your winter coat should give you two years of wear at the very least. But even better is a coat you can keep wearing for years, without it deteriorating. When it comes to jackets, leather jackets could last you a long time. Even when they start to look well-worn, they can still look great, even if they’re a bit more casual.


If you work in a formal office or attend a lot of events, decent suits are essential. A lot of people may just buy them off the rack. But in my opinion, every man needs a custom tailored suit. It will fit better, last you longer and just give you a better look and feel all around. Plus, it gives you incentive to stay healthy so that your suit remains a great fit.

Briefcases, Travel Bags, Backpacks, and More

You might not need a bag for a night out, but everyone needs them for work, traveling and day trips. Whether you use yours to carry work documents or to pack toys for your toddler, it’s better to invest in a more expensive one than something cheap. Bags can take a lot of strain and bashing about, so if they’re not up to scratch they can quickly fall apart. No matter what sort of bag you buy, make sure you invest in quality.


There are several accessories that are worth investing in, but the main ones are watches and cufflinks. A good watch can last you a lifetime, and even long enough for you to pass it on to someone else. Along with cufflinks, watches are classic fashion accessories that aren’t likely to go out of style anytime soon.

Invest in Your Clothes!

If you want your clothes to last, these are things you should invest in above everything else. You can use them all the time, and it will be years before you need to replace them.

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