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Quinn’s Almost by the Sea Restaurant, Hawaii Island Review

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The restaurant reviewed is:
Quinn’s Almost by the Sea
75-5655 Palani Rd
Kailua Kona
HI 96740
(808) 329-3822

Kwai’s Dish
Fish and Chips, Root Beer
Yiki’s Dish
Shrimps, Fish and Salad with a side of Papaya sauce and Sour cream and chive dip. POG juice (Passionfruit, orange and guava)
A small car park outside at the front. It’s located near the main coast of Kona on the same stretch of road but not adjacent to the sea, hence it’s restaurant name. It’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it at night.
The restaurant is split into a bar and restaurant layout with an outside sheltered portion.
Friendly waitress who explained that Hawaii is different to the rest of the USA when it comes to chips. They take the British version of chips which are fat french fries to the other Americans.
They were in poor condition and not clean.
I had fish and chips a couple of times in Hawaii and I like the style of how the dish is served compared to how it is served in the UK. The fish and chips I had at Quinn’s was not the best I had in Hawaii but it wasn’t bad. It lacked a little seasoning but it was still enjoyable. The wife’s dish was very similar but with shrimps too and without the chips. The POG juice tasted like it came from a carton rather than being made fresh. One good thing the place has going for it is the late opening times (open past 9pm) which is rare on the island of Hawaii.
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