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Should You Delay Getting Married?

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Getting engaged is an incredible feeling, and you can’t wait to plan your big day. Most people tend to get married 18 months after becoming engaged. But before going shopping for that beautiful dress, there are a few things you should consider. Here’s how to know if you should delay getting married.

Not known each other long

One of the reasons why you should delay your wedding is if you have not been in a relationship for long. Of course, getting engaged feels fantastic and you can both get caught up in the moment. But if you have only been together a couple of months, you need to consider whether you should wait a year or two before getting hitched. You may spend some more time together and decide that it’s not going to work out. As this article reveals, you should get to know each other properly and feel comfortable with each other, before getting married. Enjoy the time as an engaged couple first, then you can start wedding planning in a few more months.

Not financially stable

Another reason people delay their big day is that they are not financially stable. A wedding costs a lot of money. In fact, the average wedding costs over £30,000 dollars. Unless you want to get yourself in debt, you need to be able to have funds to cover this. After all, you both will have big ideas for your wedding day. People often rush into a wedding which is cheaper, but they regret in later years as they didn’t have everything they wanted. As well as taking out a loan, you could always ask your parents for some money towards your big day. But to make it extra special, why not wait a bit longer, and then have the dream wedding you have both been hoping for.

Not homeowners

A lot of people are now waiting till they become homeowners before getting married. Saving for a house can take a while, so if you have the wedding to worry about as well, it will take even longer. Often, people delay the wedding till they have bought their first property. It is so they can live together once they are Mr & Mrs. It’s not very romantic getting married and then going back to your mom’s with your new husband! You should at least be renting when you get hitched, so you have somewhere to fill with your gifts!

Too busy with work

You need to focus on the big day as there is so much to organize. If you are busy with work, it might be time to delay getting married. Your career is so important, so if this is being affected, it might be wise to get to where you want to with your job, before sorting out your wedding. It’s never good to start planning your wedding just as you have begun a new job. Wait till you have been there a couple of weeks then you can start planning your wedding day. You will need to have enough holiday allowance that you can use for events such as the bachelorette and the honeymoon!
You will only have one wedding (hopefully), so make sure it’s the right one for you and your partner!

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