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Small Details To Make Your Wedding One To Remember

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The wedding is the biggest day of your life. Every bride dreams of an event that’s come straight out of the latest Hollywood rom com. To be honest, though, it’s often the small gestures that make the most impact. Unfortunately, many couples overlook their importance until it’s a little too late in the day.
You don’t have to suffer that fate. If you’re planning your wedding or just dreaming about a time when you will, these hacks will work wonders. Give them the attention that they deserve to ensure that your wedding surpasses even your wildest expectations.

Capture The Moment

Photography is a big part of any wedding. After all, those happy shots will become precious mementos for years to come. However, there are two top hacks to take those joys to another level.
Firstly, you could hire a videographer to film the big day. It will cost money, but that DVD is the ultimate reminder of your love. Secondly, giving disposal cameras to the guests will guarantee that you get to remember the day as a whole.

Flowers & Table Decorations

Most weddings will have a theme to the day. This sets a great foundation for celebrating your love, and also makes the organisation a lot easier too. But it’s the accent pieces that will give the event its unique vibe. Ultimately, this is what will make it a truly memorable occasion for everyone.
Dressing the table is a key factor that is often undervalued. However, perfecting this aspect helps set a far greater atmosphere. Likewise, the flowers can have a telling impact on the overall aura too.


There are so many things to consider during the build-up that it can become an information overload. Taking control at an early stage will work wonders. Using free wedding invitation templates won’t only save you money. But it means you can get those plans up and running at the earliest stage possible. No more waiting for printing companies.
Arranging transport and other items with time to spare will give you far greater breathing space when the hectic final week arrives.

Seating Arrangements

They say that no wedding is complete without a family dispute. Quite frankly, though, yours will be far happier if it passes without a hitch. Given that there’s probably some animosity between certain guests, you must pay close attention to this part of the planning.
There are plenty of online resources to help you perfect this crucial element. Try to confirm those plans ASAP. After all, failure to prepare is preparation to fail.

Evening Food

The main meal is great. But as the night continues, you may want to think about bringing out a little more food. I quite like the idea of carnival type treats as it helps create the feeling of fun. You could take this one step further by having a photo booth or another fun activity too.
Either way, that little extra food can help soak up the alcohol that your guests have consumed. Of course you want the night to be fun. Nevertheless, anything that’s going to prevent drunken idiocy has to be a step in the right direction.

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