Does Working Out Boost Testosterone?

Testosterone is one of the key hormones in the human body, but is it possible to increase it through exercise? The short answer is yes, read on to find out more.   Working Out Sheds the Pounds   The most direct way in which exercise helps boost testosterone levels in men is by helping you…

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The Top Mistakes People Make When They Exercise

Shirtless Greek Gods We all want to get fit and healthy. Some want to lose weight while others want to look like a Greek God when they are shirtless. At the end of the day, it all contributes to one thing: our overall health. However, our bodies might not see all the benefits of our…

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The Best Ways To Keep Fit And Build Muscle

We all want to get fit and if we can, put on a little extra muscle mass while shedding some blubber. But how to do this is a difficult question to answer. It depends on your body as well as your genetic build and the type of activities you are good at. As well as…

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The Benefits of Creatine for Your Body

If you like to stay fit, the chances are you’ll have heard of creatine. But how much do you know about what it could do for your body?   Strength Boost   Building muscle is something that requires you to keeping pushing your body onto the next level when you start to get comfortable. This…

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High intensity interval kicking training

Jump reverse turn kick

I recently got tendentious in both my arms from carrying around Deor and was given doctor’s orders to rest up using my arms for any kind of exercise. That made the prospect of going to the gym a bit boring. I really wanted to use the heavy bag still so I created a new program…

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I reached my target weight 4 months early!

I lost over 27kg in 8 months

So, I had really some good news this week when I stepped onto my scales (the Withings Smart Body Analyzer), on Sunday (my weekly weighing day). I weighed 72.4kg, which is fantastic! My target weight set back in April 2013 for April 2014, was 73kg. Back then, I weighed 100kg, and so I am over…

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