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Takeaway review: Zulfi's, 66 Brudenell road, Leeds

66 Brudenell Road
0113 278 6830 / 0800 389 2933
Rating 1/10
I was hungry the other night and decided to order in using I chose Zulfi’s even though I had reservations choosing a place that not only specialised in a good curry but also pizzas, burgers, chicken and kebab! To put this in perspective,when was the last time you had a decent curry at Pizza express? What the hell I thought to myself – it seems that many of the other takeaways on near me are up to the same gig.
I got the meal deal #8 which included a large chicken bhuna, large keema dopiaza, 1 tarka daal (side), 1 bolied rice, naan, 3 chapati, 1 mushroom bhaji, 2 popadom, 1 mango chutney. I requested cooking with no ginger and keema to be replaced by chicken. My requests were all met which was great but the food was of a poor quality.
I’m a curry fanatic and this cooking was just lazy. The lentil dish was so bland and overcooked. They could not even get the popadoms right which are so easy to make. All they had to do was deep fry but they had left mine out somewhere for too long and it was stale and soggy by the time it got to me.
The worst part of the service was the delivery. First I got a phone call 10 minutes before the latest time they should have delivered by asking me for my post code and address. I swear the whole point of this website is that details like this are not necessary! It was not like he was checking either – he just didn’t know! 20 minutes later I get a call from the delivery driver asking where I live. I had to open up google maps to help guide them in but the guy kept hanging up on me while I was explaining where to go so he kept getting lost. I don’t live in the middle of nowhere either – I live in Headingley! He kept asking me to go outside to the middle of the road so he could see me but I was trying to explain to him that he was still far away. Add to that it was -3 degrees outside and the last thing I was going to do was venture out in the cold. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a takeaway delivery doesn’t it? Otherwise I would have just taken the car out somewhere! Finally the guys arrived with me standing in the middle of the road freezing my arse off. They apologised for the delay but I was cold enough to freeze water into ice by that stage. I’ll definitely try a different place next time. Zulfi’s is a place to avoid! I award them a lowly score of 1 out of 10.

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  1. Kwai — Funny story this food order turned out providing. I’m not familiar with the items from the #8 that you ordered from Zulfi’s, but it seems like a lot of food. Perhaps the quality suffered due to the lengthy delivery process, maybe earing them a second chance with an actual visit to the restaurant? I typically won’t eat from a place where I can’t first check-out the conditions of the restroom. If they can’t get that right, I don’t wan’t to know any more about the place…
    The real reason I’m here commenting on your restaurant review is because I’m a familiar with Band of Bees (I’m too old to consider myself a fan of a band anymore) and I was introduced to their music via the Chicken Payback video. I first saw it on cable television here in the U.S. I have since watched the youtube clip perhaps 100 times and used the it for the music while I fed my young daugher her dinner. Eventually, I broke down and purchased The Bees’ — Free The Bees and Octopus. The Chicke Payback video is sheer brilliance. I can’t credit any one individual with making it the delight it is to watch, as they are all so good at what they did.
    I’m a big fan of Asian food — I’m of Czechoslovakian decent, so we share a similar passion with what I know of American Chineese food — frying. I can’t wait to try some of your recipies you feature on your site! Best regards, and thanks for Chicken Payback!

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