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The Cities Of Australia I Have To Visit

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As you all know, I love traveling. It’s something about seeing new sights and meeting new people that drives me. There are a lot of places in the world I would love to see. And you all know that Australia is one of my all time favourite places I’ve lived and worked in. The Australian lust for outdoor life is what drives me to visit. But I think it would be a mistake to ignore the great Australian cities. These are some of the cities of Australia I have to visit again.


Perth is all alone on the west coast of Australia. But it’s certainly one of the most exciting and naturally breathtaking places to visit. It tends to be a bit drier here than the other cities on the list. I think Perth would really suit me because of the beach lifestyle the locals enjoy. The Murray mall and the one at Hay Street are perfect for a spot of retail therapy. And restaurants in the city are amazingly good.


The Queen Victoria Market is a firm favorite for locals and tourists to this metropolitan city. There are many bars and boutiques to enjoy as well. Melbourne is famed for its rooftop culture. Lots of establishments open up their rooftops for entertaining under the stars. If you’re looking for accommodation here, then why not stay in any of these short stay apartments. It’s a cheaper option than hotels in the city center and gives you a taste of life the Australian way.


The city is nestled between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. This means life really is a beach for anyone living or visiting this gorgeous area. It’s hot but also wet in Brisbane, depending on the time of year you visit. Shopping is big here, with over 1000 stores in the city alone. And there are lots of great activities to enjoy. Live music is high up on the agenda. The city is strangely hilly compared to the others, but this adds to its charm.
7 Brisbane City Open Day 6Oct2012


The city most often mistaken as being the capital of Australia is an incredible place to visit. No visit to Australia is complete without taking in life down at the harbor either. The opera house is open during the day as well as the evening. It’s a great place to hang out and enjoy the arts and culture. The city center area is world famed for incredible global cuisine choices. Sydney is perhaps the most vibrant of all the cities, and sometimes the prices here reflect its popularity.


The true capital of Australia is also known as the ‘Bush Capital.’ This is where to go to be right on the edge of all things Australian. The city itself enjoys a slightly quieter pace of life than some of the others. There’s a real sense of satisfaction as you look around and see all the gorgeous plant life. Lake Burley Griffin is a favorite place to hang out and enjoy the view. You might even fancy some sailing. Parliament House is here. There are also National Galleries and Museums to enjoy.
Australia is a gorgeous place to visit, whether you stay in the city or not. But don’t spend all your vacation on the beach. You might just be missing out on some of the best things Australian city life has to offer.

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