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The Most Important Parts Of Planning Your Wedding

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If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, you may be struggling with knowing how to go about it. Don’t panic, you’re not alone, wedding planning is a difficult process. The area that most of us girls get stuck on is the dress – as I discovered when I attended an amazing Asian wedding show earlier this year.
However, when it comes to wedding planning, this isn’t the only thing that we need to focus on. We might want to make sure that we look the part, but it’s also essential to take the time to plan out the celebrations for our big day. To help you do that, I thought I would put together this guide to all the most important parts of planning your wedding.

Take inspiration

You can’t plan a beautiful wedding if you don’t know what all of your options are. Don’t make the mistake of limiting yourself to just your ideas, take inspiration and you’ll have more to work with. It can be hard coming up with original ideas for your wedding. That’s why it’s so important to look at what other people have done to make their weddings special.
If you have a smartphone, download Pinterest and Instagram onto your phone, and use them to get some ideas. On Pinterest, you can create mood boards, make a wedding one and pin anything that you like to it. So that you don’t forget anything that you like the idea of for your wedding.

Visit wedding fairs

I was lucky enough to attend one of the most amazing Asian wedding shows in London earlier this year, and it was a real eye opener. When it comes to planning your wedding, my top tip would be to visit wedding fairs.
It can be hard to get an idea of all the most important aspects of your wedding. But by attending a wedding fair, you’ll be able to get a clearer idea. There are wedding fairs located across the country, so wherever you live, you should be able to find one close by. Some wedding fairs are themed while others offer a little bit of everything.
You’ll find lots of lovely bits and bobs there and will discover wedding companies that you’ve never heard of before. For instance, you might come across some beautiful Paper Themes wedding invitations.  Or perhaps an amazing wedding dress by an unknown designer. If you want to make your wedding as special and memorable as possible, visiting wedding fairs is a must.

Pick a theme

Before you can select a venue or hire a caterer, or even, set a date, choosing a theme is essential. You don’t necessarily have to have a theme, but if there’s a certain type of wedding that you want, it’s a good idea. That way, you can use your theme to pick out everything, from your decorations to your wedding cake.
So there you have it, the three most important parts of planning your wedding. Take note of these, and you can ensure that your big day is amazing.

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