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The pringle challenge get's ridiculously hard at 25 pringles in my mouth in one go!

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I’ve got the video above as usual for you to see whether I achieve eating 25 pringles at once or not. I’m really starting to hate pringles now that they are slowly but surely ripping flesh out as they fragment and split off in my mouth. That and the phenomenal amount of fat and dodgy flavourings which are giving a big fat belly and a sore throat – oh and the dehydrated headaches. For training I go through mouth excercises to help stretch out the height of my mouth to increase volume and to increase jaw strength. Yep – I’m taking this seriously! The only positive side effect from this is the high volume of water that it forces me to drink and the naturally formed belly tray for my dinner plate.  As I have gone through so many pringle tubes I’ve been experimenting with other functions other than holding pringles. I have found pringle tubes to be totally useless at most functions I previously thought they might be able to serve. The list includes:
Drum sticks – way too big
Sugar pot – can’t get the spoon down
Water holder/jug – not waterproof after a while and still tastes a little like pringles
Pen pot – way too deep to get pens out
Spaghetti holder – doesn’t quite hold enough pasta and not quite long enough for some brands.
Standard potato chip/crisp holder – hard to get product in and then goes everywhere when you try to get them out.
Pummel sticks – hurts too much when victim of a hit
Christmas tree decoration – absolutely rubbish looking and tacky.
Feel free to give other suggestions in the below comments.

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