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The pringle challenge starts to get hard – 20 pringles

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I had no expectations of how many pringles I would be able to eat in my mouth at one go and I value the argument that I am helping to promote an unhealthy snack, but for me it’s just a bit of fun. Back in my uni days I was so hooked on pringles that I would stuff a tube’s worth of pringles down my neck in no time at all and it got me a whole lot fatter. I haven’t eaten many pringles since those days but I believe in moderation. I’ve been through a time when I ate a very boring diet of chicken and rice with veg or chicken with pasta with veg but nowadays I am happy to enjoy my variety a little more. This pringle challenge does mean that I will eventually scoff as many pringles down my jugular as I can which is binge eating of sorts but I really do not condone binge eating for the sake of self image. I don’t think most people will see this series of videos that way either. It’s purely a fun thing to do which I just felt like doing. Although now I am getting a whole lot fatter!

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