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The Xmas Tree is up!

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Top of the Xmas tree

The Christmas tree is up for this year. I haven’t had a tree up for a few years now and felt like a change this year.
I remember back to the days when most people got real trees which dropped needles everywhere. With plastic trees now becoming the norm I opted for Asda’s own pre lit white tree which cost £25. With 100 blueish lights and measuring in at 6ft it’s a bargain. I shopped around for a decent tree without paying the earth and am really happy with the quality of this one. The colour was not a difficult choice either – trees now generally come in traditional green, white and black. All were prelit but I didn’t fancy green this time. Black looked like a burnt green tree. The white reminded me of snow on trees and so I felt that was right this time around. I bought some cheapo smart price baubles and tinsel from asda but only put up the silver tinsel at the end opting to use a 60 piece decoration set from Debenhams instead which I got at the pre Christmas sale after seeing how well blue, silver and white go together. My girlfriend and I put up the tree and decorations and finished off with a few of her favourite soft toys (as pictured).

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