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Things to do in Hawaii: Mauna Lani Resort

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The above video shows a full tour of the Mauna Lani Resort on Hawaii Island. (You can even see Maui from the beach there!)
The Mauna Lani Resort (also known as Mauna Lani Bay & Bungalows) was where my wife and I decided to have our wedding ceremony and was our hotel for the duration of our trip in Hawaii. Rooms at the hotel cost up to $1830 USD per night so it’s not a cheap place to stay. The bungalows for family stays are even more expensive so expectations are high for the premium resort. Mauna Lani rarely disappoints with it’s high level of service, quality rooms, restaurants and even weather! It’s dry and warm most of the time due to it’s location on the West side of the Big island of Hawaii shielded from the wetlands of the East side of the Island. The ocean rooms look out onto a timeless picture of tranquility and peace. The sound of the ocean can be muted by the heavy patio doors or can be left open with the mosquito fence in place of glass.
The grounds are well laid out and design is classy throughout the building which is open to the sky. The restaurants are world class with the signature Canoehouse leading the way with it’s Michelin pedigree. The Bay Terrace is a fantastic place to dine for a luxurious breakfast or have a coffee. The Mauna Lani also has a couple of golf courses and a wedding planning service whihc we used. The beach has a few hammocks and chairs with shade to kick back and relax after a hard day of sightseeing or during the lazy days of the holiday.
There are some water activities available like kayaking available but these come at a huge premium, equipping each client with the kayak for 2 people. The flowers and trees cap off the superb views at the Mauna Lani resort which is a place to remember for any special occasion or a regular visit if you’re rich enough!
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