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Top 3 Resources For Finding Out About Life & Travel In Africa

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Planning a trip to Africa?

Do you want to get to know more about the incredible and beautiful continent of Africa? Maybe you are planning a trip away somewhere and aren’t sure where to go. Or, perhaps you know someone who is heading over and want to point them in the direction of some valuable tips. Whatever your reasons, this post is for you.
I’ve pulled together some of the best resources for finding out about African life and travel, so make sure you have a good look through all of them. And, even if you have no plans for making a trip out there, perhaps some of these ideas will inspire you to change your mind.
Let’s get started with what is, perhaps, the best resource out there on Africa…
Right here!
OK, so I’m joking – a little. But, the truth is, as my name suggests, I am rather taken with this amazing continent, and have managed to see more of it than most. So, take a look around my blog and see if there is anything that might capture your interest. I may not be the best writer in the world, but my heart is most definitely in the right place. And, I like to think I have given honest accounts of everywhere I have been to in Africa, warts and all! You can start wherever you like, but if you’re new to the blog, here are some of my best bits.

The wider blogosphere

There are thousands of blogs on Africa out there, that cover everything from sport and culture, to politics and business. I strongly suggest you take more heed from resources such as these, instead of what you might hear in the media. Sure, Africa has its problems – but let’s be honest, even Europe and North America isn’t without issues. So, my advice to you is to look at the culture of Africa through the eyes of those who live there. You can check out the African Blogger Awards for recent additions, too. Or, just use your favourite search engine and find some unearthed gems yourself.


The BBC is a great resource for many different things, and I love their take on the Story of Africa. When you are a westerner, you often hear a one-sided view of the past, and it can sometimes be nowhere near the truth. So, head over there and get a view of the people that live there. It’s full of interesting facts and events that have taken place over the years, from some of Africa’s best historians. To truly understand a particular place in the world, you have to understand its past. And, if you check out the Story of Africa from the BBC, you might start thinking differently.
OK, so that’s all from me for now. Take a look at my blog, and be sure to check out some of the top African blogs, too. What you find out might surprise you! And, if even one of you decides to go and visit this stunning continent where the human race began, then I guess my job is done.

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