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Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Your wedding day is such an important and memorable day in your life. You want it to be perfect and just as you had imagined. Think about weddings that you have attended. Which ones stand out in your mind? The ones that are most memorable are the ones that had something unique and different; something not seen at a wedding before. Here are just a few ways that you can make your wedding fun, memorable and unique.

The Ceremony

How about giving your guests a drink as they enter and wait for the ceremony. They won’t be expecting a drink, let alone a cocktail, until the reception. It would be such a welcome surprise. It also helps them to pass the time as everyone takes their seats and awaits the bride’s entrance. We have all been to those weddings where the bride is so late. It is the bride’s prerogative but you can help your guests out a little while they wait.
A memorable guest book would stand out and be fun for your guests too. What about a puzzle and the guests write on the back of a piece. You can then do the puzzle on your anniversary each year and read the messages. You could have guests sign their name inside a picture frame. This could then be hung in your home, alongside wedding photographs. There are a lot of options for guest books; you just need to think outside the box.
Think about the music that you have at the ceremony. If there are some standard classical pieces that you like, then great, use them. If you’d rather have something a little more up-tempo, then go for it. It is your wedding so your rules. Having something like a string quartet or a choir perform would be fantastic and unique. So look at different ways for the music to be played too.

The Reception

There are so many ways to make the reception different and unique. First off, unique wedding reception venues will make the reception memorable. How about a barn or outdoor reception?
Other ways to make your reception unique could be favours. Is there a way to combine a favour with the table settings? Could you write their name as a cupcake topper or a cake pop? This can be used as a place setting but also for them to take away as a favour.
Having a thoughtful or useful favour is a winner with guests too. How about flip-flops or slippers for those wanting to dance but don’t want to be wearing heels? You could even put together a ‘hangover kit’ for them to take home and use the next morning. It could include things like a bottle of water, light blocking eye mask and a little pack of vitamins. Too cute, right?
If you have children that will be attending, it is a good idea to put something on for them. Little coloring packs for them to have at the table would be so memorable for them. You could even consider a separate room for them and hire a children’s entertainer. It would certainly make it a memorable wedding for their parents!

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