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What Makes The Kimberley A Must-See Destination In Australia?

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The Kimberley is more than just one destination. It’s the name of a whole region in the north-west of Australia. Far from the glittering eastern coast, it’s a lot more sparsely populated. But that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking tons to see. If you’re a fan of the forces of nature out in full display and tranquil coasts, you’re looking at the right spot. There’s a lot to see in the Kimberley, so let’s take a look.

Feasting your eyes on some real natural beauty

A lot of people might think that the Kimberley has little to offer because of how little populated it is. But that depends on your definition of what makes a good holiday. If it’s sights the likes of which you’ve never seen before, then the Kimberley is more than good enough. It’s a must-see. Kimberley cruises has all kinds of great sights to see. There’s the Horizontal Falls for a look at some gorgeous water flows.  Cape Leveque is a gorgeous, extensive sandy beach. Standing over it all is a hundred-year-old lighthouse, whilst whales play in the sheltered islands just off shore. Definitely one for the explorer within all of us.

Camping in the Kimberley

You don’t have to stick to the coastline, however. The Kimberley has tons of great places that you go inland for a fantastic camping experience as well. There are a lot of fantastic vistas to see on your journey, like the Echidna Chasm and the Bell Gorge. There are also some of the most scenic wildlife sanctuaries you’ll have the fortune to visit. The Mornington-Marion Downs Sanctuary has a whole host of exotic birds, reptiles and mammals. This includes fifteen endangered species like the Gouldian finch. Add to that the Kimberley Wildlife Garden Sanctuary that will be opening soon to host all those animals that can no longer survive in the wild. There’s plenty to explore in the Kimberley and acres upon acres of good camping land.

Exploring history

That’s not to say that there isn’t some fantastic history, either. The McGregor Museum is a fascinating visit with all kinds exhibits. Natural history, zoological, botanical and plenty of other displays. There’s everything from the history of nature to the archaeological and rock art records of the region’s past inhabitants. In Broome you can see a truly fascinating history of the town’s reliance on the pearl fishing industry. If you feel like catching a film, you can even do that while breathing in some great history. Sun Pictures is the world’s longest running outdoor cinema, still operating to this day. Seeing movies here means sitting under the stars and enjoying the atmosphere of a town that appreciates a good show.
Hopefully, by now we have you convinced that the Kimberley is a must-see destination. Unique coasts to explore and natural vistas that you won’t get anywhere else. Pair that with some of the best history displays and well-conserved oddities in the world. Whether it’s sun, sand or retreat you’re after, the Kimberley has it.

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