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What you can do in 2.5 months!

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Earlier this year, I proposed that I would keep up with my blogging more often. A promise to myself that I just could not keep! I tell you what, it’s really hard to keep up with these things especially when there are so many distractions in life. I started out with good intentions when I started catching the train to and from work. I had a solid hour each way to write some cool stuff for you to read. My Samsung Galaxy S2 started playing up and the battery began draining really quickly. There was also nothing to do on my iPad either apart from typing up a blog. A few things happened though in a short space of time. My new work place, The Social Partners, handed me an iPhone. 68 games completed later and the BBC decided to allow users to download content to watch anytime on iPad. Suddenly, I find myself finishing off a few more achievements in Tiger Woods Golf on my iPhone whilst watching last week’s Dragon’s Den on my iPad.
Dragon's Den on BBC iPlayer on Apple iPad

Whilst down at my in laws, I thought it would be worth my while learning Mandarin. Another 10 downloads later and a few courses completed, I stumble upon iTunes U where I download a few MIT courses in psychology and a few TED talks in management. I much preferred the TED presentations, so I then download the TED app on the iPad. I now find myself in a position where I am addicted to watching the TED archives. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is, I just seem to be very engaged with pretty much anything on there. Simultaneously, I also find my thumbs moving some virtual players around in FIFA 13 on my iPhone.
You may be interested to know that I have still been blogging away over the last few months. Most recently, I’ve been blogging about Social media stuff for The Social Partners here. I’ve also been keeping up with my food blogging in a more pictorial way on Pinterest here. If you’re missing watching me on YouTube, then click on this presentation I gave not too long ago.

I will also definitely be following up with my overall suit review. If you can’t wait until that post, I can reveal the Reiss suit is my favourite.

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