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So, You’re Getting Married! Here’s A Few Things You Might Have Forgotten To Do

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Once the surprise and magic of wearing a sparkling ring on your left hand has worn off slightly, it’s time to start thinking about your wedding. Most people are au fait with the regular checklist. This includes of bridesmaids, invitations, hen party, catering and the dress. But I thought I would add in a few things you may have forgotten about that you should include in your wedding checklist.

Book Your Venue

Ok, so I know you’re not going to forget to pick your location and venue! But really, this one is just a reminder to book your chosen venue as soon as your heart is set on it. Perhaps you are just browsing venues online and in magazines at the moment, or maybe you have always wanted to get married in the same church as your mum. Once you have a date in mind, get thee to the venue for a viewing immediately. If you love it, book it. If you are thinking of somewhere pretty spectacular or popular, availability may be limited. Try and book at least twelve months in advance. Of course, not all venues book out. But it’s better to be organised and early than be disappointed and lose out on the venue of your dreams.

Chauffeur Driven Car

Think about how you want to arrive at your wedding. Some people choose horse and carriage; others may choose a kooky camper van or a vintage car. Jamie Oliver even famously walked to his wedding venue! But whatever transport you choose, think about it early on so you can get it booked in. A luxury chauffeur driven car is one of the most stylish and elegant ways to arrive at your wedding. VIP Chauffeur Car Hire adds a sense of opulence and comfort to your special day. You’ll have a reassuring and calm air-conditioned ride in a super luxe car. There will be ample space so you won’t need to worry about fitting your dress in or getting too hot. Keeping it simple but chic is a great idea for wedding transport. Of course, you will still want to arrive fashionably late!

Wedding shoes

You may be going crazy over choosing the most beautiful dress and tiara and picking out bridesmaids dresses. But don’t forget your shoes too! Buy these early and not as a last-minute impulse purchase. You will want to wear them in around the house to break them. There is nothing worse than painful feet on your big day. And you’ll need them to be comfortable for walking down the aisle, posing for photographs and also that all important first dance. Christian Louboutin has a stunning collection of bridal shoes. They even include some perfect designer sparkly flats.

Travel Vaccinations, Visa and Passport

One more that you might not have thought about is preparation for the honeymoon. If you are going on an exotic adventure, make sure you have all the correct visas and travel vaccinations well in advance. And don’t forget to make sure that your passport is still in date for when you are travelling!

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