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Filofax launch the world's largest tablet case collection

The largest collection of tablet cases in the world is from none other than… Filofax?! Their range consists of over 600 cases in more than 39 colours and with four different constructions. Each case has a slot for a tablet holder, so you buy the case and then the appropriate holder for your tablet. The…

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All The Ins And Outs Of Casual Style For Men

For men, when it comes to casual dressing it can be hard to achieve the perfect look. Many men make the horrific mistake of thinking that casual wear instantly equals sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. They couldn’t be more wrong. Dressing casually doesn’t mean there needs to be a lack of style or smartness to…

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Quality Clothing and Accessories You Should Commit to Right Now

Jonathan Grado

Always Look Great Whatever Your Budget! I always want to look my best, but I don’t always wish to shop for clothes and accessories. I’ve found that investing in some quality pieces is one of the best solutions for this. If you love fashion but aren’t so keen on shopping, carefully choosing what you buy…

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90:10 man clothing range


Sometimes in life you meet some people who inspire you in some way. Dan Glatman used to be the manager for a British boyband called Blue and has now launched his own men’s clothing label 90:10 Kwai Chi chats with Dan Glatman to get the lowdown of the origins of the brand, it’s identity…

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Mark Marengo cock up

Following on from my review of my Mark Marengo suit, I thought I’d share with you my wonderful revisit to Savile Row to fix my crotch rip. I thought that I would premiere my wonderful new Mark Marengo number for an EMEA marketing event hosted by Excelsior recruitment the other week. Everything was good,

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Mark Marengo Review plus Cad & the Dandy Basted fitting

A couple of days ago I went back to Cad & the Dandy for my basted fitting session. I turned up about 10 minutes for my appointment which was made over the phone with Ian, the guy in my previous Made to measure suit post. There was another guy around who hung around. I wasn’t…

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Things to do in Germany & Italy

View Larger Map It’s been a long time since I last posted an article here and that is for a number of reasons. The key ones being work commitments, moving house and also lack of access to my own blog. Remarkably I had no access to the admin pages until very recently when my SQL…

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