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Noisy Neighbour

Annoyingly when we tried to complain about a noisy neighbour at 4am we had no help! See the above video to see what I mean!


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The above video is about facebook fan sites

Wii Fat

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Did you buy the wii fit just to get a little wii fatter? Well that’s what’s happened to me. Watch the above video to find… Read More »Wii Fat

Why I write

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Writing is such a discipline and it’s so easy to get sidetracked don’t you think? Well In the above video I explain why I still… Read More »Why I write

Product Review: Ergoflex memory foam mattress (Tempur copy)

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In the above video review I get to grips with the ergoflex mattress. ergo flex are an online manufacturer and direct seller of their memory foam mattress. This 2 year old company has been making waves in the industry and have also been featured on programmes like Deal or no Deal. ergoflex pitch themselves as an alternative to Tempur but personally I see them as a direct competitor.
When researching online I kept seeing myths about memory foam mattresses which I would like to dispel:Read More »Product Review: Ergoflex memory foam mattress (Tempur copy)