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Movie Review: Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace 2/5
This is the film about William Wilberforce who was a prominent politician in England many years ago. The film centres around his efforts to end slavery in all British colonies exploring different avenues and doing extensive research into slavery conditions. Read More »Movie Review: Amazing Grace

The Big Three Oh!

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So the big 30 has come around already! You know, time passes by way too quickly don’t you think? One second you’re looking left and then someone drives straight into the side of you and it just hits you – BANG! Read More »The Big Three Oh!

Product review:

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The builders were round creating a mess the other day so come the evening my flat was covered in dust and my kitchen was reduced to the size of a shoebox. Dinner time came round (not Yorkshire dinner which means lunch) and I couldn’t cook. Outside was snowing and icy, so restaurants were out of the question too. As a result I did the decent thing and looked for a takeaway that delivered. From the website I saw an introductory 10% off offer for The deal was simple, for your first order you get 10% off. Great news! Read More »Product review:

Blind test review: The Best Tasting Mini Mince Pies

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Mince pies have been around in the UK for a long time and became a Christmas speciality by the 16th Century. Oddly, in the 17th Century Oliver Cromwell ruled them illegal to be eaten at Christmas – a law which is still valid to this day! Minced meat was originally used to make the fillings for these pies but changed in the 19th century to something closer to today’s non meat variety. All of the pies on offer in the test are currant based with some premium brands adding Brandy to the mix. Read More »Blind test review: The Best Tasting Mini Mince Pies

Forever sharp knives? Yeah right! And the knife through a hammer trick

Forever sharp knives

If you live in the UK or USA, you have probably gone to your local supermarket or department store and at some point come across an announcement on the loudspeaker telling you that in 10 minutes that if you go to aisle so and so, you will receive a free paring knife or garnishing spiral knife. Read More »Forever sharp knives? Yeah right! And the knife through a hammer trick