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Things to do in Hawaii: Mauna Lani Resort

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The above video shows a full tour of the Mauna Lani Resort on Hawaii Island. (You can even see Maui from the beach there!)
The Mauna Lani Resort (also known as Mauna Lani Bay & Bungalows) was where my wife and I decided to have our wedding ceremony and was our hotel for the duration of our trip in Hawaii. Rooms at the hotel cost up to $1830 USD per night so it’s not a cheap place to stay. The bungalows for family stays are even more expensive so expectations are high for the premium resort. Mauna Lani rarely disappoints with it’s high level of service, quality rooms, restaurants and even weather! It’s dry and warm most of the time due to it’s location on the West side of the Big island of Hawaii shielded from the wetlands of the East side of the Island. The ocean rooms look out onto a timeless picture of tranquility and peace. The sound of the ocean can be muted by the heavy patio doors or can be left open with the mosquito fence in place of glass.
The grounds are well laid out and design is classy throughout the building which is open to the sky. Read More »Things to do in Hawaii: Mauna Lani Resort

Things to do in Hawaii: Mauna Kea

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Mauna Kea in Hawaii is a dormant volcano and tranlates to ‘White Mountain’ in the native Hawaiian language. This is because the top is often covered in snow between November and March – locals even use this as an opportunity to go skiing! The peak of Mauna Kea is 4,207m above sea level, about 30m taller than neighboring Mauna Loa and about 9,100m above its base on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. This means that Mauna Kea is the world’s tallest mountain, taller than Mount Everest at 8,848m, which is the highest mountain above sea level. The height above sea level may change over the next few thousand years as the massive weight of the Mauna Kea volcano means that the seabed of the ocean below it is depressing slowly over time.

Mauna Kea can be reached via the very tricky Saddle Road. The summit is then a very long, steep drive on a mixture of man made roads and off road dirt track. Cars must be 4 by 4 drive to be able to go past the Mauna Kea visitor centre as it is a difficult off road drive. Read More »Things to do in Hawaii: Mauna Kea

The Bay Terrace Restaurant @ Mauna Lani Resort, Hawaii Island Review

The restaurant reviewed is:
The Bay Terrace
Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows
68-1400 Mauna Lani Drive
Kohala Coast
Hawaii 96743

Kwai’s Dish
Poi Pancake with a side of chopped macadamia nuts, maple syrup and coconut syrup. The whipped cream butter stuff. 3 Malasadas. Fresh pog juice.
Yiki’s Dish
2 eggs sunny side up, chipped potatoes, sausages, 3 slices of toast, strawberry, pineapple and orange.Read More »The Bay Terrace Restaurant @ Mauna Lani Resort, Hawaii Island Review

Mauna Lani Deluxe Front Ocean Room Tour

In the above video Kwai Chi explores what’s on offer in Mauna Lani Resort’s Deluxe Front facing Ocean Room. Mauna Lani is well known on the big island of Hawaii with much to offer including some top golf courses, stunning beach location and even a shopping mall. Mauna Lani is about 40 minutes drive north of Kona airport, 50 minutes drive from Kailua Kona, 20 minutes from Waimea and 1hr 40 minutes from Hilo (about the same time for route 19 or 200 Saddle Road).
Mauna Lani Resort is also known as The Mauna Lani Bay and also used to be known as Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows. Read More »Mauna Lani Deluxe Front Ocean Room Tour