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High intensity interval kicking training

Jump reverse turn kick

I recently got tendentious in both my arms from carrying around Deor and was given doctor’s orders to rest up using my arms for any kind of exercise. That made the prospect of going to the gym a bit boring. I really wanted to use the heavy bag still so I created a new program…

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I reached my target weight 4 months early!

I lost over 27kg in 8 months

So, I had really some good news this week when I stepped onto my scales (the Withings Smart Body Analyzer), on Sunday (my weekly weighing day). I weighed 72.4kg, which is fantastic! My target weight set back in April 2013 for April 2014, was 73kg. Back then, I weighed 100kg, and so I am over…

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Winter tyres could save your family money

Snow in winter

It’s November again and winter is upon us. Whilst the rest of Europe is busy swapping over their summer tyres for winter tyres, UK residents are only busy talking about how rubbish the weather is outside. Only an estimated 3% of the UK will swap their tyres. Many people think of winter tyres as a…

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The Kwai Chi Diet – A minimum fuss diet that really works!

Withings Pulse

What does it take to lose weight? So I’ve lost a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time. This is mostly down to an improved dietary intake of food, using kitchen scales, more intense exercise and documenting it all via Withings Smart body analyzer and Withings Pulse. I don’t really want to…

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What you can do in 2.5 months!

Earlier this year, I proposed that I would keep up with my blogging more often. A promise to myself that I just could not keep! I tell you what, it’s really hard to keep up with these things especially when there are so many distractions in life. I started out with good intentions when I…

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Terrible cold calling whiplash claim companies

Only last week did I watch the terrible exploits of cold calling companies on BBC’s Panorama. People from these cold calling companies were outright lying about who they were, who they represented and made ridiculous claims to either gain a fee from people making personal injury claims or to exploit money directly out of victims…

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Media Week's 30 under 30 awards

Yesterday night, I received an award for my contributions to the media industry. Normally awards for marketing are given out for campaign work for clients but the Media Week 30 under 30 awards are given out to those who are deemed to be the most talented people under 30 working in the media industry. This…

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