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Commuters boarding vibrant train at bustling railway platform in winter weather.

The ‘red route’ ORN traffic delays

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So the games are coming to town really soon and all the athletes are coming in from around the globe to settle in at the village in Stratford. London has created a priority route from Heathrow (all the way west outside London) to Stratford (all the way East in London) which allows priority traffic for athletes to get escorted in BMWs which are painted red. There were complaints that the routes were not signposted well enough which has caused massive bottlenecks today.

A crowded train in rush hour in the first class carriage
A crowded train in rush hour in the first class carriage

It is one of the reasons why after 2 years Read More »The ‘red route’ ORN traffic delays

A diverse group celebrating their achievements and accomplishments.

Media Week's 30 under 30 awards

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Kwai Chi Media Week 30 under 30 award
Kwai Chi Media Week 30 under 30 award

Yesterday night, I received an award for my contributions to the media industry. Normally awards for marketing are given out for campaign work for clients but the Media Week 30 under 30 awards are given out to those who are deemed to be the most talented people under 30 working in the media industry. This was the first year I could enter and it would be my last as well as I only just met the age criteria this time around.Read More »Media Week's 30 under 30 awards

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Made to measure suits (also known as personal tailoring)

As I look back at my YouTube videos from 2006 I have noticed one major difference… I used to be a lot thinner. Oddly as I have gotten older and fatter, people still ask whether I am a recent graduate. I even got asked for ID when buying a £10 meal deal from M&S recently. I’m pretty sure that I don’t look 18 anymore let alone younger but it appears that many do! I figure that some of this is down to my ultra laid back casual look.
In an attempt to turn forward the age clock or perhaps the respectability factor, I am going to turn back to the tried and trusted male staple of the suit to bring me back some professional pride. When I started out working in investment banking over a decade ago, I used to wear a suit every day. Back then there was little choice in what to splash the cash on when it came to suit buying. Basically, you went with a nasty cheap suit from a store that fit really badly or you went bespoke from a tailor down Savile Row. There was the ready to wear option but the suits were really naff.Read More »Made to measure suits (also known as personal tailoring)

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UK to Stuttgart to Metzingen to Lake Garda to Munich to Calais road trip

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It’s been a long time since my last blog post which is kinda what I had said last time around. So a brief update of Germany and Italy. Let’s take this in order.
UK to Stuttgart
The drive from England to Stuttgart is a really long one. It’s also incredibly fast in Germany before and after the Frankfurt bit where you get restricted to a measly 130kmph. Stuttgart is a little on the pricey side and you can’t park in the centre unless you have an emission badge. I couldn’t be bothered with all of that so I stayed with the missus near the airport but right next to a train station in Echterdingen.Read More »UK to Stuttgart to Metzingen to Lake Garda to Munich to Calais road trip