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Papa Chi

Competition – Win Thomas & Friends: Stay Safe with Thomas Book

Stay Safe with Thomas

Win 1 of 10 copies of the limited edition Thomas & Friends book which can’t be bought in shops! See below for more details on how to enter. Good luck! Don’t worry if you don’t win though as the book is available for free to download as an ebook from the Network Rail Thomas page or you can find…

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3 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Have an Active Lifestyle

Toddler playing football

Kids have so many opportunities for entertainment these days. If they aren’t watching TV, they’re playing video games or on tablets and phones. Trying to get kids into a healthy active lifestyle with so many sedentary distractions can be difficult but there are a all sorts of fun activities that will get your kids exercising…

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4 Ways To Help Your Kids Respect Their Elders

It’s a big thing that we see less and less of each day, respecting your elders. It’s ever since I became a father that I’ve realized that I may have been a bit of a difficult child, and although every child has their moments, I realized there were times when I never respected my elders.…

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How To Entertain Yourself When You Have A Newborn Baby

It’s completely indisputable that having a baby changes pretty much everything about your life. You get much less sleep, you spend half your life in a perpetual state of worry, and it takes you about an hour just to get ready to go out as you come to the conclusion that you’ll never be able…

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Convincing Your Kids to Get on a Plane and Travel

Family holidays are wonderful occasions. Whether it’s going to the next nearest city, a local attraction or even taking a long train to another country, it’s always a cause for celebration and the memories you make on your family holiday will last for a long time. However, you’re often limited by the locations you can…

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Kids And Tablets: Easy Ways To Make It Work

It’s so common now for youngsters to want their own tablet. In fact, kids as young as five tend to want one to use in their humble abode. And there are lots of benefits to having their own tablet. For one thing, they can use it to research for their homework. Also, they can use…

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Essentials Tricks For Keeping The Kids Entertained This Summer

Every mommy knows that constant fight with boredom that happens around the time of the summer holidays. The first few weeks are a joy when everyone is happy to see each other. But then it slowly but surely this disintegrates into bored winey kids, and a stressed mom. But it doesn’t have to be this…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kids A Dog

Kids love pets! Have yours been nagging at you to buy them a dog recently? Maybe it’s time to give into their requests and buy them one. Sure, they come with a lot of mess and responsibility. Especially if you buy a puppy! However, your kids will really benefit from having a dog around in…

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