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Red Letter Days – Royal Afternoon Tea Experience Review

Photo of Sandwiches from Royal Afternoon Tea

Red Letter Days I was recently invited along to eat at Rubens restaurant with my family by Red Letter Days. For a family of four (my two young children and my wife) we opted for the Royal afternoon tea on offer. Booking was an absolute doddle, First off I received my gift through the letterbox…

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The ABC Of Snow Holidays

What does it take for the perfect snow holiday? Height is a good clue; to guarantee snow coverage, you tend to want countries or places that are located high above sea level. Closer to the clouds means a surer guarantee of snow. But the height factor aside, the requirements are fairly small. If you want…

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Best Ways to Enjoy The Outdoors This Autumn

For some reason, people seem to dread the thought of summer coming to an end. Sure, the weather will get a bit chillier and the days a bit shorter – but who needs warm and long days when we have snugly throws and roast dinners to keep us warm? Stay active as the leaves turn…

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Have the Time of Your Life in China

China is currently seeing an increase in the amount of people who choose to travel there as tourists. The country has always been stunningly beautiful, but social and political issues have put many travelers off seeing the country in all its glory. Today, China isn’t perfect, but it’s more modern, vibrant and tourist friendly than…

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Three Reasons Why Spanish Life Could Be Your Dream Life

The Spanish are famed for their laid back lifestyle. The Costa del Sol, as it is known, is a dreamy spot for both locals and holidaymakers alike. In fact, many people choose to make it their home indefinitely. Nearly 400,000 British people now live permanently in Spain, mainly on the sunny south coast. But what…

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Enjoy a Holiday With a Difference This Year

Planning your next holiday is the perfect opportunity to try something different. You’ve got the chance to do something you’ve never done before and enjoyed a holiday with a difference. These are some of the experiences you can have to enjoy a holiday with a difference. See the Wonders of the World If you want…

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What Makes The Kimberley A Must-See Destination In Australia?

The Kimberley is more than just one destination. It’s the name of a whole region in the north-west of Australia. Far from the glittering eastern coast, it’s a lot more sparsely populated. But that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking tons to see. If you’re a fan of the forces of nature out in full display…

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